Laid-Back Wedding Style

People today lead very casual lifestyles. We wear jeans to cocktail parties, bring the dog to work, and rarely get dressed up. It is only natural that many couples are bringing this laid-back attitude to their weddings.

What is laid-back style, anyway? Well, it is the opposite of formal, stuffy, or prim and proper. Having a laid-back wedding can mean having a very casual get-together for only your closest friends, or it can be a more planned out affair, just with all of the details kept intentionally relaxed.

I’ll give you an example of what a laid-back wedding could look like. They are not necessarily any less expensive than more formal weddings, it’s just a matter of making choices to keep the style very casual and to make guests feel very at ease. One bride I knew had a wedding for 200 guests on her family’s property. This woman liked things that were nice, but also relaxed and easy-going.

She chose a custom made wedding gown, but in a style that was not very fitted. It was a slightly crumpled silk taffeta strapless gown in a style that she said looked like a down comforter (not every woman’s idea of a dream dress, but it worked for her). The dress was above all, very comfortable, and accessories were also kept very easy. The bride wore ballet slippers, a very plain veil, and some simple bridal jewelry that was custom made for her. As you can guess from the custom bridal jewelry and one-of-a-kind gown, for some brides, casual elegance still means careful planning. At the end of the evening, the bride had a hot dog cart come out to serve late-night snacks to the wedding guests. That is a perfect example of laid-back wedding style.

Many couples looking to achieve that feeling of casual elegance opt for destination weddings. There is something about being married on the beach that helps everyone to feel more relaxed. It helps that most tropical islands have that “Don’t worry, be happy” vibe about them.

For a laid-back beach wedding, the bride would look for a simple flowing wedding gown in a breezy fabric like chiffon. Forget about structured hairstyles; the perfect hair for a beach wedding is either loose and flowing, or a messy bun at the nape of the neck. Accessories should also reflect this relaxed attitude: silk flip-flops, a pearl pendant, and a tropical flower in the bride’s hair may be all that she needs.

To help get your guests into the right frame of mind, set the scene to make them feel at ease. For a beach wedding, get your guests to slip out of their high heels by providing shoe racks where they can park their city shoes. Have baskets of flip-flops on hand so that everyone can get into the swing of things. Add to the laid-back vibe by having playing “The Wedding March” on the steel drums instead of a violin. All the little details will add up to the relaxed feeling that you are trying to create.

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle. That is why more and more couples are deciding to have a casually elegant wedding that match how they live their lives. The laid-back feeling of these weddings makes for a very fun time for all of the guests.

Look Like A Stunner In These Winter Wedding Styles

Every bride wants to look special on her wedding day and if its weather like winter it’s truly an icing on the cake. A winter wedding is synonymous with a pleasant ambience and an amazing weather. Select a wedding dress that makes you look fabulous and is apt for a mellow weather like winter at the same time. Opt for something that keeps you warm and makes you feel comfortable at the same time. There are a lot of ways in which you can spruce up your winter wedding ensemble. You can team up your wedding gown in a way that it keeps you warm and makes you look elegant at the same time.

Winter wedding styles, those are sure to make you look like one in a million;

A floor length strapless gown with a multi tiered ruffled style looks nothing less than awesome. It is an extremely unconventional pattern and a chic winter style. You can team it up with pretty satiny gloves, which will not just make you look like a diva but also keep you warm.

A Grecian styled one shoulder chiffon gown is a ravishing option for wedding winter dresses. A combination of a swanky three fourth sleeved netted bolero jacket along with this gorgeous Grecian styled gown will truly make you look like a million bucks. Chiffon is a fabric that is apt for all kind of weather’s; it is lightweight and truly helps you move around freely.

A pretty floor length gown with a ruffled one shoulder sleeve and a fascinating front slit would only add up to your bridal charm. You can team it up with an attractive fur stole and a swanky pair of stilettos and you will be all set to strut around like an elegant bride.

Donning a contrast shaded gown during your wedding is a chic winter style. A pretty gown with a dual shaded bodice and a skirt are sure to create great option for wedding winter dresses. Match it up with pretty Swarovski earrings and a sparkly necklace, and you will be all set to create a distinct impression.

A three fourth sleeved A-line gown with a deep v neckline is a perfect as a bridal gown at winter season. A color like off white or ivory will make you look distinctly alluring.

You can also opt for heavily embellished floor length bridal gowns. A gown with a pretty bead or sequin work on the bodice will truly make you look like the ultimate head turner on your wedding. A painstakingly woven bead work on your bridal gown is sure to complement the essence of an event like marriage. Flaunt this style without any inhibitions and you will have some really nice wedding moments to cherish.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Style

One of the very first things you need to do when you become engaged is decide what type of wedding you would like to have. Are you a barefoot on the beach kind of bride or a stiletto in the city kind of woman? These tips will help you determine what your personal wedding style is so you can get your wedding planning off to a great start.

There are so many choices to make about planning a wedding, but many of them come down to one thing: your style. It can help you decide on a season, a location, a venue, a wedding gown, bridal jewelry, flowers, food, music – you name it! One of the first choices to make is formal or casual. Choose a formal wedding if you adore crystal chandeliers, filet mignon, engraved stationery, and grand white floral centerpieces. If your idea of the perfect evening is to go to the theater or a gourmet restaurant, a formal wedding will be just your style.

Opt for a casual wedding if your number one goal is for everyone to have a great time at your wedding. That could mean anything from a steel drum band and a destination wedding to a rustic barn wedding with a bluegrass band to a laid-back reception with a hot d.j. An informal wedding will also be right for you if you want a family-friendly environment. Picture platters of passed food, long tables, kids running around having fun, and lots of lively conversation. Great locations for this type of wedding include rustic barns, tents, vineyards, and other outdoor spaces.

Another thing that will help you along with your wedding planning is figuring out what season best suits your style. While any type of wedding can certainly be held at any time of the year, there are definitely particular associations that go along with each season. For instance, plan a spring wedding if you love pink, flowers, and all things feminine. If you love the beach, bright colors, and festive frozen cocktails, the summer will be the perfect season for you. Couples who like a warm cozy feeling, rich colors, and homespun charm will be happy with an autumn wedding. A winter wedding is ideal for brides who love elegance, sparkling crystal, and rich silk satin.

As you can see, things really start to come together once you make the first few choices. This would be a great time to with a level of formality, venue, and date, you can start making your next style choices. This is the ideal time to choose your wedding colors, because they will help inform your selections for bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and reception decor. It really becomes a pretty easy formula. For instance, formal + summer + pink = pink garden rose bouquets, pink organza bridesmaid dresses with pearl bridesmaid jewelry, and centerpieces in silver footed bowls set on pale pink linen tablecloths. Change just one element, and everything shifts. So if you took informal + summer + pink, you might end up with hot pink gerbera daisies, pink cotton sundresses, and centerpieces in white pitchers on gingham table linens. It is really a lot of fun to imagine the different combinations.

Of course the style you select for your wedding will be what guides you in all the rest of the choices for your wedding. From invitations to music to your wedding gown and bridal jewelry, it will all come together. With a clear vision in mind, it will be easy to coordinate a truly beautiful wedding celebration.

3 Ways to Go Wildly Wrong When Picking Your Wedding Style For Your Perfect Wedding

Most people think that a wedding style should be determined by what’s in style at the moment. They buy the magazines and the books or comb the websites and come up with a design for their wedding that has everything to do with what’s popular and not a lot to do with the couple. The goal of the wedding is for you to be married in front of your community. To make your vows before those people who have loved you forever. And then you want to celebrate with those people. You want to design a wedding that honors your vows, your values and your community. Here’s what not to do.

Go with a style that’s trendy: It’s really easy to get seduced by what’s hot and what’s not. And that would be great if what’s hot and what’s not happened to be appropriate for who you are, what you have to spend and who you want to invite to your wedding. It’s also sorta weird when people have that summer of 12 weddings (and you do, it’s the summer after whatever was your last school year) and at 12 weddings the colors were puce and chartreuse, the same songs were used for walking down the aisle and for the first dance, and the poems read were exactly the same. Avoid this. Choose a wedding style that reflects your personalities and your likes and dislikes rather than what the industry is pushing. There are so many options available to you. And there’s little you MUST have. Pick and choose and build something that’s going to make you comfortable and make you happy. As long as it’s making you married, it’s doing its job.
Go with a style that has nothing to do with what you want to do at your wedding. Ultimately of course, your main goal is a wedding ceremony that moves you from engaged to married and solicits the support of your community. Avoid this. Figure out what you want from your community on the day you’re married. Do you want to sit around and chat with your guests? Do you want to play board games (yep, that’s an option!)? Do you want a picnic under the trees? There’s so much pressure toward Saturday night sit-down dinners and you know what? That’s your most expensive option and it makes it the most difficult to socialize with your friends because you’re always waiting for the next course. Think about what will please the community of people you’re inviting rather than the community of people the wedding industry is inviting who are probably not your family!
Go with a style that doesn’t suit your values. It’s not so often that people choose weddings because they oppose their values, it’s more often that couples have not sat down and determined exactly what the values of this new marriage are. Even before you set your budget, you should spend some time looking at the characteristics and values that are central to your relationship. Who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple should be the primary basis for your decision-making. Some people (and I’m among them) love big and splashy. I couldn’t afford big and splashy and don’t believe in busting the bank, so, we had big and splashy and pot-luck. It was amazing! For others something formal and intimate will be perfect. And still others will want a backyard picnic. What will make these weddings sing is that they are perfectly suited to the people getting married. So avoid this mistake by all means. Sit down and spend some time figuring out who you are and what you believe in. That will determine the wedding Style that is perfect for you.

Filtering your decisions through your relationship realities will start a life-time habit of making important decisions based on who you are. Talk about things, imagine together. And blow your community away with your choices to reflect your lives and your very great love in your wedding.

Deciding Your Wedding Style

One of the very first things you must decide upon is the style of wedding you plan to have. The style of wedding will permeate every nook and cranny of the entire wedding planning process. Selecting your style is a creative process and should heavily involve your imagination and tastes.

Very often people will let themselves be persuaded by others and will not allow themselves to actually put on the wedding they really want to. They are afraid someone will not like their ideas such as having the wedding in a non-traditional location. Or using colors that are outside the pastel family. They become so worried about what others will think that they end up putting on the wedding of other people’s dreams and not their own.

One of the first decisions to be made is the wedding location. You have the option of a formal setting such as a church or a more casual setting such as a garden. Besides your personal tastes things such as weather and the time of the year may make the decision a more obvious one. But keep in mind even a wedding held in a church can be decorated in such a way as to give it that casual feel. Again you need to generate the look that you envisioned.

Next you need to focus on your personal style. What kind of person are you? Are you whimsical and fun like a beach or more conservative and stylish. Do you like traditional or are you more contemporary? This will decide everything from the menu to the music that gets played. By incorporating your personal style into every detail of your wedding it will come off as a coordinated “event” that your guests will remember for years to come.

I am going to talk about five styles in detail that may help you find that perfect style. As you read see which most closely epitomizes your personal style. Also keep in mind all the planning and details that you will need to incorporate to achieve the desired effect. And of course consider the costs.

* Garden style-if you plan to get married in the summer this is an easy choice. It is a very versatile style because almost any location with beautiful landscaping is suitable. You can have an open and airy ceremony with say an arch decorated with flowers and/or climbing vines. Or you can go all the way and have a tent set up with tables and a dance floor for your guest’s enjoyment.

* Of course probably the most enduring of wedding styles is the classic style. A church decorated with gorgeous pew bows and beautiful flower arrangements that run up and down the altar. This is followed by a reception lit up with your colors shown in the many decorations you chose.

* A beach theme has been and still is all the rage. Whether you choose it as a destination wedding or you plan one in you own backyard it is still a very impressive style. Regardless of location there are tons of things out there to give your wedding that beach look.

* Perhaps you are one of those that wants to be married in an unusual place. Some of these are legendary and will sometimes even be featured on the evening news. Inside a McDonald’s, on the side of cliff, just about anywhere where two people can fit can be used as a wedding location.

* Or following in the unusual style you can even go to more exotic locations. The Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, anywhere far off and fun. This sort of wedding is obviously heavily dependent on your budget and the finances of your guests.

No matter what you finally decide make sure it is the style you want. Do not let others decide what style your wedding needs to be. It is your day so be sure it reflects who you are.

Mae Summerville is an author and a poet. She also assists with internet marketing primarily in the wedding industry.

Unique Wedding Favors to Fit Your Wedding Style

Weddings we have all been to given us common wedding favors such as almonds, picture frames and candles as wedding favors, which are nice of course. However, if you are a couple who wants to give unique wedding favors that will give a lasting remembrance to your guests, you have to exert extra effort to come up with unique gifts for guests. Unique wedding favors give you a chance to show your thanks and appreciation, with a style!

When choosing unique favors for your wedding, you have to consider what you want to show off about you as a bride and about your partner as groom. Think about the the thing you have in common. Do you both enjoy the outdoors? Or, do you both spend your leisure time traveling from places to places? What is common between the two of you can help generate a wedding favor that is unique, showing the personality you both have as a couple.

If you are a couple who are fond of going outdoor, find favors that have touches of the wilderness or even a have a hiking theme. Finding unique wedding favors to fit your wedding style may include looking for favors such as carabiner key chains, pocket knives, adventurous gears, or even jungle or forest inspired items that reflect your enthusiast for outdoor hiking or camping. On the other hand, if you want to show off your passion for traveling, you can give out unique favors such as luggage tags, compasses, books about traveling, map and etc.

A unique favor can also be something homemade. In order for you to come up with a favor that has your personal touch, why not consider homemade ideas? You can think of making baking assorted cookies, making homemade jams or assembling DIY favors. By including your personal touches, you can proudly say that your favors were made exclusive for your wedding alone. Your guests cannot find such favors as yours because they were personally made yourself.

Make your favors personalized! Aside from making you own at home, you can also purchase wedding favors and have them personalized to make them unique. There are plenty of stores that offer party favors that can be personalized according to couples’ desires. You can include names, monograms and other details of your wedding to make them made truly for you. Other information you may include on your wedding favors are your wedding date, wedding location, reception venue and personal message from you.

You can browse the Internet for some more choices of unique favors. There are plenty of online stores these days that offer a wide selection of party favors, from traditional, modern, expensive to cheap wedding favors. If you want to add uniqueness to your party favors, customize your chosen items. There are artisans that can do that job for you. Find convenience online. Plenty of couples nowadays opt to shop online than shopping at a local party store. Online stores are not just offering array of choices to choose from, but affordable products as well.

Starting The Planning Process – Step 1 – Determining Your Wedding Style

Congratulations You’re Engaged…Now What?”

You’ve dreamt about your wedding day since you were a little girl. The man of your dreams plans the most romantic evening…dinner…dancing…you end the evening with a late night stroll through your favorite park. The air is crisp and the stars are bright. As you’re walking through the park, he stops…turns towards you…gently kisses you on the lips…and while looking deep into your eyes starts to bend on one knee. You start to get butterflies because you know what is about to come next. And then you hear those four sweet words…

“Will you marry me?”

Ahh the perfect engagement right? In the beginning you’re excited…can’t believe that it’s happening…and after a few days reality starts to set it…you think to yourself…”I’m really getting married!” Now it’s time to plan the perfect wedding but where do you begin? How do you go about selecting the perfect location? Find the vendors that match your personal style and budget? How do you fit in phone calls, vendor meetings, dress fittings, engagement parties, showers, tastings, and site visits while still working, your family responsibilities oh and let’s not even think about trying to maintain an active social life all while trying to remain sane.

The first thing that I suggest is that you take a deep breath…and have a glass or bottle of your favorite drink. In other words calm down. Planning a wedding…excuse me YOUR wedding can seem like a overwhelming task but if you break it down into bit size pieces, planning it can be manageable if you take it one task at a time.

Starting the planning process…

First determine your wedding style. To get some insight on your particular style try answering the following questions:

1. When envisioning your wedding, do you see a celebration that is modern/contemporary or classic/traditional?

2. Do you imaging a part of your wedding (ceremony or reception) taking place outside?

3. You envision your wedding taking place in the spring, summer, fall or winter?

4. What would be your ideal number of guest at your wedding?

5. Your wedding colors should be:

deep and passionate
soft and subtle
natural and organic
contemporary and chic
romantic and bridal
unusual and fresh

6. Your ideal wedding meal would be:

buffet dinner seated formal dinner
seated family-style
cocktail party

7. At your wedding you want your guests to feel – (fill in the blank)

8. If you had to describe your wedding in a sentence or two, it would be -(fill in the blank)

9. You don’t want your wedding to be – (fill in the blank)

10. Other words that you might use to describe your wedding would be:

This exercise works best if you and your fiancé answer the questions independently and then come together and share your answers with each other. This starts the dialogue on how you both envision your wedding which should aid you when talking to potential vendors and making decisions on the types of products and services you will need in order to make your “dream” wedding a reality.

If you want to take this exercise one step further, then I would recommend that you also create an idea board. Take all of those bridal magazines that you went out a purchased right after he popped the questions, grab a pair of scissors and start to cutting! Cut out dresses that you like, cars that you think it would be cool to ride in and centerpieces that inspire you…cut out everything! Love a color of a dress in a magazine but hate the style? Cut it out too…just make a note to yourself on why you cut it out (for the color) so you can communicate this with those helping you plan your special day.

Determining your style is the first step in planning your wedding. So grab a sheet of paper…answer the questions…and look through your magazines with scissors in hand…and have fun!

Check back later when we look at step 2 in the planning process…creating the wedding budget!

Happy Planning!

What Is Your Wedding Style?

Every bride has a personal style. It is often that style that sets the tone of the wedding. Keep in mind, it’s also important for the groom to feel comfortable. If your two styles don’t match, it’s time for a compromise. Here are some style descriptions to help get you started on planning a wedding that suits both of you.


This person searches for perfection in simplicity. Your clothes may be made from simple fabrics with simple lines. You furnish your home with elegant items that are selected for their individual beauty, yet you keep it sparse. You understand the idea that less is more. Your wedding will focus on elegant simplicity. It will be important to you that every element of the wedding be carefully selected to match your simple nature.


You are the person who invents your own style, and others often try to copy you. You tend to attract everyone’s attention when you enter a room. All of your choices reflect your original, stylish, and elegant taste. You are gracious, graceful, and people love to be around you. Your wedding gown will be the very latest fashion, and your reception menu will include delicacies found in the best restaurants.


If you are a traditionalist, you follow the path of what has gone before. Family traditions are important to you and you incorporate these into your every day life. Traditions give you a sense of stability and belonging. You rely on traditions when planning your wedding. Your thoughts say if you follow the traditions of brides who have gone before you, your wedding will be all you have dreamed. You won’t select modern music, much preferring traditional wedding music. You are the bride who will be sure to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.


Small romantic gestures such as “flowers or gifts for no reason” can bring you to tears. You see everything in life as emotionally and romantically significant. You celebrate anniversaries of everything – when you met, your first kiss, one week together; everything has special romantic significance to you. You are the bride most likely to plan a Victorian or Medieval wedding or Valentine’s Day for your ceremony. Your choice will surely include items or rituals of emotional significance to you. You might include “your” song or poetry with special meaning for you.


You look great no matter what you wear, even a burlap bag! You love being in the spotlight and on stage. You tend to exaggerate and be overly dramatic. You think of yourself as a queen; nothing is too good for you and you deserve to have it all. Your wedding will be the event of the year; your friends and family will talk about it for years. No wedding could be too big or too grand for your tastes.

Trendsetter You are the leader of the pack and people love to follow. You are never bound by tradition and you don’t care if you fit in. You set the criteria for others to follow. You are never afraid to try something new and prefer to be the first to try it. You are the type of person who exchanges vows in a hot air balloon or underwater while scuba diving. You are sure to write your own wedding vows because you know you are the only one who can adequately express your true feelings.

Real and Intimate Wedding Style That You Secretly Want

If you are the romantic-spirited bride that look forward to a more simple yet cosy wedding, these are the more-than-ordinary wedding venues that you may want to take a look at.

1) Classic & Rustic Secret Garden

We could all feel the feels immediately once we step our foot into a garden-theme wedding. How frequent are we to be invited into one of these special wedding venues?

Imagine being surrounded by a full bloom of fresh greenery that let you and your guests embrace the natural beauty and gorgeous scenario, doesn’t it makes you feel like what a great place to be at to tie the knot?

2) Mystical Starry Starry Night

While weddings in the day are celebrated with awe and young energetic love, weddings held at night deserve magical moments for those dreamers who have a soft spot for sprinkled dust and pixie lights.

The celestial, fairy-lights that tangled down from above make up a soft and lovely ambience which will definitely sweep you and your partner off your feet while dancing all night long.

3) Beyond Seashells & Ocean

Yes, we have all heard of beach side weddings but right up till now it still appears as the top 15 wedding style for those who want to settle for more. This wedding theme conjures a “Breezy Beach” kind of ambience with an elusive charm that no one can resist.

The flame for beach wedding never dies down is because of the versatility. No matter you love it during the day or night, beach wedding always brings out the best emotions that you crave for during your big day.

The morning ceremony could be set under a timber arch decorated with roses and vines, scattered of rose petals and placing white draped chairs for your guests to witness and celebrate with you.

Of course, the night will give it a little twist by totally changing over into a “Midnight in Paris” that just makes you want to fall in love again. You could hear a thousand claps of waves that enhance your beach wedding at night, in addition, giving the soothing and relaxing atmosphere for you and your guest.

We believe it is always stressful in preparing and finding the perfect wedding style that needs to suit everyone’s liking. Sometimes you have to consider the opinion of your respected elders, sometimes you have to include the presence of many guests if you or your other half come from a big family.

However, what never changes is the purest core purpose of your wedding – which is to have people whom you love to be there and celebrate one of your biggest day in the life.

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How to Set Your Wedding Style

There are so many different ways to get married these days. You are probably asking yourself: Where do I begin to narrow down my options and choose the right wedding style?

Take a Look at Your Past

Look over all of the landmark events in your relationship. How did you and your fiancé meet? If you met on the beach consider tying the knot on the beach or incorporating beach themed elements to your reception. If your fiancé proposed in a skating rink consider having a winter wedding.

Add Your Own Personalities

Incorporate Things you like to do for fun. If you and your fiancé like to play poker, have a Las Vegas themed wedding, or even better, go there and get hitched! Another growing trend is to get married in Disney World, so if you Love Mickey Mouse, have your wedding at his house!

Think About Your Guests

Your wedding day should be all about you, but when picking a location one of the most important factors to consider are your guests. Most people prefer not to travel these days due to the high costs associated with it. Even a location that is only an hour away may put a hole in their pocket because of gasoline prices. Try and opt for a local reception or, if you must pick a far away location, offer to help your guests set up a car pool so that some of the gas expenses can be spared.

Meet in the Middle

If you want a glamorous indoor wedding and your fiancé wants a casual outdoor wedding, find a way to mix the two ideas so that the both of you can come to a happy agreement. If you decide to have an indoor wedding, arrange to have your pictures taken outside on the beach or in any outdoor setting.